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We LIVE stands for Linked to Intercept Violence Everywhere, with that being said I would like to introduce the founder Brandon Warren. This Warren Central Alumni created We LIVE after the death of his friend and teammate, Dijon Anderson. At the time, this high school junior knew this was the last straw and he had to make a change. Going through the grievance of his friend, he went to his friends and asked for help in making a change.

Now standing 17 months later you are hearing from me, Destiny Hatcher, We LIVE's Secretary. I'm currently a high school senior and I am extremely blessed to be part of such a magnificent group. We are the second ever board members of We LIVE, so let me introduce you to everyone: the President of this organization Isaiah Warren. He's currently a high school senior, football player and has just committed to the United States Navy! Our Vice President is the amazing Alexis Booth, she's currently a senior as well, she aspires to be a Neurosurgeon and was just recently accepted to Harvard University. The Secretary, is myself as I mentioned before, I am currently committing to the United States Navy as well and I will be later pursuing the career of a Physical Therapist and eventually a Politician. Aaliyah Prim is being introduced as our Treasure, she's involved in numerous extracurricular activities and her goal to be as involved as humanly possible in her community. Our wonderful Media Relations, Chanteya Weaver, is heavily involved in Warren Central’s media programs and she aspires to be an Orthopedic Surgeon where she'll continue her path of saving lives. Last but certainly not least our Events Coordinator, Brian Martin, the youngest of the group only being a high school junior! He's an high school football player and enjoys running track. Brian has aspirations of one day becoming a software engineer.

Enough about us in-particular, August 11, 2018 we had the second Annual Peace walk and it was amazing! What a lot of people don't know is it was all youth led. From the emails, to the phone, all the way down the the social media publicity, it was all the youth. Of course we needed adults for logistical reasons, and with that being said let me introduce you to our sponsors. Tammy Warren, the mother of the magnificent Brandon Warren, official title is the CFO but she's more like our mother just as much as she is to Brandon. She's what most would consider our, 'go to.' She's there training us and helping us keep the movement alive as Brandon is off to college. Next, Mr. and Mrs. Bush are our Warren Central We LIVE sponsors, Mrs. Edwards is the amazing sponsor of our Ben Davis chapter as well, and finally Mr. Dustin Ecker is the sponsor over our Grassy Creek Elementary group which was just created!

Imagine being in a room with leaders just like you except for one thing, they're younger. I'm proud to say that we have officially created a We LIVE elementary chapter. Over the summer, sponsor Dustin Ecker has put in nothing but hard work and dedication with making sure he had everything in order for his incoming fourth graders.

Our first inaugural meeting was September 24, 2018. I got to meet these wonderful leaders. They impressed me by giving examples of what we could do of showing awareness. It's an honor working with children like this because it gives me hope that there is a change coming. Dustin and I have built such a wonderful relationship for the children. Vice President of We LIVE, Alexis Booth, states, "the students are very mature and I like that they are willing and able to join We LIVE." This is an example that students that are younger than us are still trying to make a change in there community as much as we are. I love when I personally go to visit during the meeting because they look up to me, and I uphold an image that I want the to portray to the first through third graders looking up to them.

As a whole, I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the future of We LIVE. I am excited to be bringing you all weekly blogs against this subject which I am so passionate about. As a team, we would like to thank you all for reading and encourage you all to stay tuned every Monday for updated posts.

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