The History

Our Story

After losing two loved ones to gun violence in May of 2017, a group of students from Warren Central High School (Indianapolis, IN) decided to start a movement called We LIVE, locally known as We LIVE Indy. The name was modeled after a famous saying by one of the two classmates, Dijon Anderson, who was gunned down in May of 2017. Dijon was known for saying, "We livvveee babyyy," which LIVE now stands for 'Linked To Intercept Violence Everywhere.'  Fast forwarding to August 12th of 2017, We LIVE hosted their first-ever Peace Walk/Community Day which reached well over 500 plus people. The Walk was led in front of the Marion County Juvenile Center as a significant location, then continued to George Washington Park where the Community Day was held in conclusion with guest appearances from Mayor Joe Hogsett, Congressman Andre Carson, State Representative Robin Shackleford, and many more.

Now years later since the start, We LIVE has expanded to numerous schools throughout the city of Indianapolis. As a grassroots organization, We LIVE prides itself on community building and bridging many gaps. We LIVE's ultimate mission is to come against all youth violence, but first attacking the violence in their local city of Indianapolis. The long-term goal of the organization is to expand from community to community and city to city. The organization will forever be youth-led.

To see more from the first-ever Peace Walk/Community Day, click below:

Founding Members (est. 2017)

We LIVE with Indiana's Governor, Greg Holcomb.

We LIVE with Indianapolis' Mayor Joe Hogsett at a luncheon hosting the Vice President of the United States.

All original committee members after the first successful march.