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About Brandon Warren

Founder & CEO

        On May 23rd, 2017, Brandon's life changed forever when he lost a dear friend and teammate of his, Dijon Anderson. After starting a peace walk nearly 3 months later, Brandon was able to continue on with the organization, We LIVE (rhymes with five). On the way of doing so, Brandon humbly received many accolades and achievements based on his positive leadership in his community.

        Brandon has been fortunate enough to receive two internship offers from Congressman Andre Carson and The Office of Indiana's 7th District, and as well as Mayor Joe Hogsett and Indianapolis Mayor's Office. He has also been given the Indiana Heroes Award, the Prudential Spirit of Community State and National Award, the President's Volunteer Service Award, and the 2017 Regis F. Groff Youth Award (given by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators). Brandon's also been recognized in the National exhibit Sons: Seeing the Modern African American Male Exhibit Opening with Kevin Powell, recognized by MTV on National Television, he was the 2018 Grand Marshal of IBE's Classic Parade, accepted an extended invitation by PeaceJam to be included in an International Youth Summit in Costa Rica alongside two former Nobel Prize laureates, and many other accolades given at the State, National, and International level. Brandon knows that without Christ, his diligent committee members, his loving family, and the great number of supporters who stand behind him that none of this would be possible.

        Brandon has most recently published his first-ever memoir, B Inspired. Through his now published book, Brandon has been able to advocate for many systemic issues our young people face today. Along with his book, Brandon oversees the second company in B The Inspired, where he has been fortunate enough to inspire the lives of many.

        This young man's efforts have been considered to be one of the most powerful movements across the globe. Brandon's ultimate vision is for We LIVE to be featured in cities across the Nation, and operated by high school teenagers who care deeply about their local community. Brandon's resume is far from completed and his mission is yet to be fully accomplished. Considering his move a 'Calling from God,' Brandon gives all of his glory to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

You may contact Brandon via email at


Brandon as he receives the Regis F. Groff Award in 2017, given by the National Black Caucus of State Legislators.


Brandon alongside other award-winners at the NBCSL National Award Ceremony.

Prudential Award

Brandon speaking to the large crowd as he most recently won the national Prudential Award, as the top 10 youth volunteer of America.

Time's Square

Brandon as his face is put on display in the midst of Time's Square following his Prudential Award.


Brandon as he MC's a panel, hosted by his Bloom project family.

Grand Marshal

Mr. Grand Marshal 2018. Brandon as he waves to the crowd at the IBE's Classic Parade.

Victor Oladipo

Brandon and Indiana Pacer's All-Star, Victor Oladipo, after he won the Indiana Hero's Award.

Indiana Hero's Award

Brandon at centercourt of Banker's Life Fieldhouse, as he is honored by the Pacers.

Senator Donnelly

Brandon as he is recognized by Indiana's former Senator, Joe Donnelly.

Brandon and Governor

Brandon being acknowledged by Indiana's state Governor, Eric Holcomb.


Brandon as he gives back to the homeless of downtown Indy.

Giving Back

Brandon in the midst of giving back to the homeless of downtown Indy.

Giving Back

Brandon as he communicates with those he's giving back to.

B Inspired

Brandon as he is in the midst of making his final edits to his first-ever memoir, B Inspired. Find out more at

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